Welcome to Tikvah For Animals’ first blog post!

We started our organization with an idea, a vision. The idea to start a Jewish organization that focuses on activism for animals. This came about because of antisemitism I and fellow Jews were experiencing the animal rights movement. As I became deeply involved in animal activist circles, it became apparent that hateful biases against Jews was normalized. The rhetoric presented itself in different ways- from spreading conspiracies about Jews to demonizing Israel. It got to a point where I couldn’t continue working with people that had such hatred toward my community.

Only problem was, I didn’t know how I’d be able to continue helping animals in the way I was used to. I could not find an organization that existed that wasn’t run by antisemites or allowed antisemitism to run free in their community. And the Jewish organizations either focused on getting more people to be vegan or did not do activism. I also realized I could continue focusing on busting the “humane” lies of animal agriculture, but this time within the community I was a part of.

So I decided if an organization I was looking for did not exist, that one would have to be started. And here we are! While we are just beginning, we have big goals & campaign ideas. So if you care about animals and share our vision in creating a better future for them, please spread the word.

We are so thankful you are here with us on this journey!

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